Liz. 20. I like learning, spontaneity, coffee, politics, and television reruns. I quote things and often people don't know what I'm talking about.
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I’m interested in very many things but I choose to academically focus on international relations/political science, women’s studies, and Spanish. Avid player of the classical guitar, currently trying to tackle the banjo. I like to walk around barefoot, dance spontaneously, sit in coffee shops, and blast the country radio station when I drive. Cool things: sea creatures, kitchen appliances, birds, Harry Potter, ice hockey, the Supreme Court, body modifications, Great Britain, iTriage, cocoa butter lotion, Death Cab for Cutie, red wine, Settlers of Catan, friendship, guys with beards, Akron OH, and the oxford comma. On this blog you’ll find a plethora of random stuff I like, but mostly pictures of nature, art, architecture, and screencaps from TV shows and movies. Oh, and I have a /tagged/me page so there’s that. Have a marvelous day!